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How to Get a Secret DNA Test

Order a DNA Test

Secret DNA Testing is a collect and send test. Collection instructions and submission forms are provided by download or email request below. To get started today just print the forms and send the samples to our facility in Phoenix AZ. Pay by credit, debit, money order.

Collect samples

Secret DNA samples are collected and shipped in paper bags or envelopes. Once you’ve collected your Secret DNA samples you may need to collect mouth swab samples from willing participants. Instructions for creating a swab kit using q-tips found at home are provided.

DNA Test Results

Results are completed on average 5-6 business days after the laboratory receives all samples and payment. Rush results, 2-3 business days, are available for a small additional fee. Test results are provided by email, text message and by mail upon request.

Secret Paternity Test

Collect a secret testing sample, such as a toothbrush, pulled hair or ear wax for one or both of the tested parties. If available, collect mouth swabs from one of the tested parties. iTest DNA will compare the DNA on these samples for paternity. Test results are not legally admissible. Results are available by email, text and US mail in ~5-6 days. Total cost $350. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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Secret Relationship Test

iTest DNA can test relationships such as Grandparents, Siblings, and Aunts and Uncles.

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Pay by Money Order. Request forms and instructions.

Our DNA Testing Case Managers are waiting for your call. iTest DNA’s expert team is ready to explain the process and get your case started today. Call 866-488-5457.

Testing Directions

Collect and Package your Samples

  1. Obtain the following supplies:
    • One paper envelope or bag per secret sample.
    • Do not place samples in plastic. This can cause the DNA to degrade.
    • One standard envelope to contain swab samples.
    • Four q-tip cotton swabs or sterile cotton swabs - to collect cheek swab DNA samples.

  2. Label and package the evidence sample(s).
    • Label each envelope/bag with the type of test, sample description, collection date and name of participant and relationship.
    • Examples:
      • Paternity
      • Toothbrush
      • 04/15/2014
      • John Doe
      • Father
    • Place the evidence directly into the envelope. Do not place the samples in plastic. Seal the envelope with tape.

  3. Collect swab samples.
    • Label each envelope/bag with the type of test, sample description, collection date and name of participant and relationship.
    • Examples:
      • Paternity
      • Swabs
      • 04/15/2014
      • Jane Doe
      • Child
    • If you are using q-tips you must prepare them.
    • Prepare four swabs. Using a clean pair of scissors cut ONE end from each cotton swab.
    • The end result will look like this:

    • Buckle Swab
    • Using a single swab that you have created rub the inside of the participant’s cheek for 30 se-conds with an up and down motion. Use moderate pressure, you are removing skin cells from the inside of your mouth. The skin will stick to the cotton on the swab. This should not hurt.
    • Place the swab directly into the envelope. Do not put them in plastic.
    • Using a second swab rub the inside of your other cheek for 30 seconds with an up and down motion. Place the swab in the same envelope where you have placed the first swab.
    • Repeat until you have collected four swabs. Seal the envelope containing all 4 swabs with tape.

  4. Package your samples for shipping.
    • Obtain a shipping envelope. If they fit you may ship samples in an envelope, you do not need to ship in a box.
    • We recommend shipping overnight via USPS, UPS or FedEx. Each company provides free shipping envelopes and boxes at their locations when shipping Express.
    • Ship samples to:
      • iTest DNA
      • Sample Receiving:
      • 18444 N 25th Ave 420
      • Phoenix AZ 85023
      • 602-456-5510