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How to Buy a DNA Test from iTest DNA

Order a Test

Order a test kit online or schedule a professional collection at one of our 2500+ Nationwide DNA centers. If you are located in Phoenix AZ we offer a pick up option. Stop by today to pick up a free DNA test kit.

Collect samples

DNA samples are generally collected via buccal swabs. This painless method involves lightly swabbing a layer of skin on the inside of the cheek. It is an industry standard to swab for no less than 30 seconds. iTestDNA collectors are certified, samples collected at our facilities are guaranteed.

DNA Test Results

DNA Samples are processed on average in 2 business days. Results are reported digitally by email and text and then by US mail, on request. Reports list DNA profiles and conclusions. An Inclusion (Yes) is a 99% and an Exclusion (NO) is a 0%.

Do you have DNA Test Questions?

Contact us at Our expert DNA Case Management teams is ready to explain the process and get your case started today.

DNA Test Cost

Our fees are fair and competitive. Pricing ranges from $150-450+. Contact us at 623-594-1605 to learn more.

Information we need to get started:

1. Choose a DNA test. If you are unsure browse our DNA testing options.
2. Who is being tested? Mother? Child? Father? Grandfather? Aunt? Brother?
3. Buy a DNA test online or request a collect and send kit. Although our home office is in Phoenix Arizona we have locations nation wide.
Are participants in different cities? different States? It's Ok, we can still help. We will even notify you when the other party has gone to their DNA appointment.
4. Do you need an appointment? Appointments with professional collectors are available. Contact us at 623-594-1605 to schedule.
5. How would you like DNA results? We send email and text DNA results as soon as they are available. Hard copy results are provided by courier or US Mail.
Address: 18444 N 25th Ave
Suite 420
Phoenix, AZ, 85023

We've got your DNA questions answered with Results You Can Trust.

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