What is the difference between Legal Court Admissible DNA testing and Private Peace of Mind DNA Testing?

If you plan to submit your DNA test results to a government or other legal entity for proof of paternity you'll need a Legal test. Some of the reasons you might submit test results include

  1. Changes to a Birth Certificate
  2. Child support establishment or changes
  3. Custody and Visitation rights
  4. Social Security Benefits
  5. Tribal enrollment
  6. Military benefits / TRICARE enrollment
  7. Immigration, Visa or Citizenship


A Legal Court Admissible test results in a Legal Document of Parentage. This document is admissible to the agencies listed above.

Legal DNA Tests require identity verification. Parties must submit to sampling at one of our facilities and provide ID. All tested parties are also photographed for secondary ID. iTest DNA collectors are DNA Certified and provide chain of custody services.

Private DNA testing can be collected in the office by a Certified DNA collector OR at home by the participants on their own. Private DNA Reports are not legally admissible.

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