Inconclusive Paternity Test Results

Question: My DNA test results came back inconclusive. What does that mean?

Are you Disappointed? Confused? Mad? Inconclusive DNA results create more questions than answers. Learn more about how to fix an inconclusive result and why they happen below.

Answer: When your paternity DNA test result is inconclusive it means the DNA test results are not accurate. An accurate DNA result is 0% or 99.99%. A number in between is considered inconclusive.

Inconclusive DNA Test Results

Why are my test results inconclusive?

Paternity test results are generally
99% = Yes, you are the father or
0% = No, you are NOT the father

Sometimes the result is between 1% and 98%. These are called inconclusive DNA results. While there are many reasons this may occur the most common are:

  • There are two possible fathers who are related
  • The mother was not included in the test
  • There is a small change in the child's DNA, a mutation
  • There isn't enough DNA to do the test

How do I fix it?

  • Contact us today at 623-594-1605
  • Provide us with a copy of your inconclusive results
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  • Receive a discount on our services
  • Use our lab to redo your test

We will offer to test an alternative set of genetic locations to resolve your issue. Because there are different reasons for an inconclusive paternity test there will be different things that will fix the problem. You may be asked to include the mother in the test. This will help the lab decide which pieces of the child's DNA came from the mom and then only compare the pieces of DNA that came from the Dad to the child for paternity.

You may be asked to allow the lab to process the test at more places/ DNA markers. iTest DNA uses a standard test of 20-24 markers. In some rare cases we may ask to run up to 41 markers to give a conclusive result.

You may be asked to provide samples from the related alleged father. It may not be possible to determine the father when his relative might also be the father. In this case you may have to test both men before the DNA test is conclusive.

If your DNA samples did not yield enough DNA, meaning you did not swab in an accurate manner, then you might be asked to work with an AABB Certified DNA Collector to get a professional DNA Collection.

What does an inconclusive test result mean?

It very simply means that there is no result. You'll have to do more testing to fix it.

Is it common?

Inconclusive results are very rare, but are more common in some cases. They are more common when the mother is not included in the test, when there are related alleged fathers or when there is an unusually low number of genetic locations tested.

What's a DNA mutation?

A mutation is a small change that occurs when the DNA is passed from the parent to the child. Children receive half of their DNA from their mother and half from their father. Rarely, when receiving half a very small change in the DNA happens.

How can I be sure my paternity results won't be inconclusive?

The best rules to follow to ensure that your test is accurate and conclusive is to

  • Include the mother in your DNA test if possible
  • Use a new testing technology. Old testing is 9-12 markers. New tests use 16-28. The more markers, the more accurate the test.
  • Alert the lab if there might be two dads who are brothers, cousins, fathers, sons or uncles.

The iTest DNA Inconclusive Paternity Policy

iTest DNA utilizes very strict laboratory procedures and guidelines. It is our goal to provide Results You Can Trust. It is our policy to include the mother in the test for free, up front. All initial cases include mother, child and father. All of our tests are run at 16 markers minimum. We will use up to 41 markers in testing.

If you're interested in learning more call us at 623-594-1605

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