How to Do A Secret DNA Test Without Dad Or Child Knowing?

Making the choice to get a Paternity DNA test is hard. Explaining to the other tested party that you want a test can hurt relationships. Some people opt to do a secret test without the Mom, Dad or child knowing.

iTest DNA is an industry leader in Secret DNA Testing.

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iTest DNA will provide instructions by email, or online. To request email instructions contact us here: Request Secret DNA Instructions.
Alternatively you may opt to pay online and instructions will be available for immediate download. Buy a Secret DNA Test Online

Our secret test is collect and send. We do not send a kit to your home. The process is simple, you collect the samples and send them to us. They are tested and results are returned within 5-7 business days.

Testing is completed in these easy steps. 

• Collect your DNA Samples

• Provide Consent for testing

• Send your samples to The Genetics Company

• Pay by Money Order or Credit card

• Get your results in just 5-7 days

Ship your samples to
DNA Sample Receiving
18444 N 25th Ave
Suite 420
Phoenix AZ 85023