How much does a DNA @Home test cost?

Home DNA testing is a very popular option for testing due to it's convenience. iTest DNA offers an affordable, accurate and confidential DNA @Home option.


Test Kit

iTest DNA will ship a test kit to any location within the US for free. Our all inclusive fees include shipping. Test kits will include full instructions as well as testing supplies. Test kits are shipped discretely.


Test results are processed in just 1-4 business days after receipt. Standard testing time is 3 business days. 1 day Rush processing is available for a small additional fee.


Test results are released digitally by email and text message directly to your smart phone! DNA Reports are also available by US Mail on request.


iTest DNA Guarantees that all DNA @Home tests are accurate.

Legal Admissibility

Home DNA Testing is not legally admissible. For a legally admissible test iTest DNA offers appointments at one of our 7 Phoenix locations or 2000 nationwide collection partners. Legally admissible tests must be collected by an AABB Certified DNA Collector.


Our DNA @Home paternity test, including kit and shipping is $150. Pick up a test kit in Phoenix today!

Compare to a home test kit bought at the drug store:

Drug Store Kit = $35 fee
iTest DNA Kit = No Charge

Drug Store Lab Fee = $90
iTest Lab Fee = Included

Drug Store Kit Shipping = $25
iTest DNA Shipping = Included

Contact iTest DNA with questions at 623-594-1605.