Can you do a Paternity DNA test without the mother knowing?

Paternity test results are life changing. Everyone deserves the right to know who their child is. While it is better to include the mother in a test it is not always necessary.

If the mother is not available to participate iTest DNA will perform a more complex test to ensure accuracy. This more complex test is performed at no additional charge.


Consent from all participants is required to perform all paternity tests.

Consenting on behalf of a minor child requires legal authority to do so. Parents of minor children have a recognized right to consent on behalf of their children. In some instances grandparents or other relatives may have legal guardianship of children and may consent on the child's behalf. Still other cases may involve children who are in State custody, in which cases a court or child care provider might provide consent.

When participating in a DNA test with iTest DNA we require that fathers consenting on behalf of minor children agree to the terms set forth in our paperwork. Those terms are as follows.

  • Samples are voluntarily being submitted for DNA analysis.

  • The information provided - name, date of birth, race/ ethnicity is true and correct.

  • If a parent fraudulently represents their authority to consent for DNA testing of a minor child they assume all legal responsibility.

  • Including, to defend iTest DNA from all claims, actions, liabilities and cost demands that may arise.

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