5 DNA Test Questions and Answers

5 DNA Questions

Before Choosing a DNA testing company ask 5 questions about Certifications, Accreditations, Guarantees, Reliability and Trust.

1. Is the company you are working with Certified to perform DNA collections and provide Accredited results?

DNA Collections performed by AABB Certified DNA collectors are the best testing options currently available. AABB Certified DNA Collectors are held to strict standards in Legal testing. The AABB also accredits laboratories which perform DNA Laboratory Services. When possible work with both AABB Certified collectors and AABB Accredited Laboratories. iTest DNA offers both.

2. What Guarantees does the company offer?

Paternity testing results in standard 99% and 0% test results. iTest DNA guarantees a more accurate result at 99.99%.

3. How quickly will you receive your results?

You need to know now! And we can provide 1 day processing! Standard testing time is just 2 business days. Results are conveniently released by Text Message, Email and Paper copies are sent by US Mail.

4. Where is the collection facility located?

iTest DNA has conveniently partnered with companies in Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale and Mesa, allowing us to provide collection locations throughout the valley. We also have a network of over 4000 collection sites nationwide and can arrange cases out of state.

5. Can you trust the company you are working with?

iTest DNA has been an industry leader for 7 years. Our founder has been managing, studying and providing DNA testing for 16 years. Our Mission is to Provide DNA Test Results You Can Trust. We achieve this by maintaining our quality of testing. We work with the world's largest DNA Lab. Our collectors and laboratory are AABB Certified and Accredited. We are listed with the Better Business Bureau as an A+ Company.