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Secret DNA Paternity Testing 15 Years of Industry Leadership

Advanced Robotic Testing $350 at 21 genetic regions.

Secret DNA testing involves obtaining an item, such as a toothbrush, ear wax, razor or hair with root from a child or father and using it instead of a mouth swab.

New! iTest DNA Secret testing utilizes a state of the art robotic laboratory system. This speciality robotic lab test is the same process used in criminal laboratories worldwide. Testing occurs at 21 genetic regions. Robotic DNA testing ensures the highest level of precision and reliability. Rest assured that your results are confidential and guaranteed. iTest DNA provides Results You Can Trust for individuals, private investigators, attorneys and civil forensic matters.

Fast Results! ~ 5-6 days. RUSH processing 2-3 day testing is available.

Which objects make the best testing samples?

Sample Viability
Toothbrushes, Ear Wax, Pulled or Plucked Hair with Root, Dried Blood on Tissue or Vabric 98%
Nail Clippings, Mucous on Tissue, Razors 95%
Chewing Gum, Baby Toys, Clothing, Dental Floss 93%
Bottles, Cans, Forks, Spoons, Cigarettes ~50% - 85%
Other Samples- Call to inquire Less than 84%

Testing Options

Collect a secret testing sample, such as a toothbrush, hair or ear wax for one or both of the tested parties. If available, collect mouth swabs from one of the tested parties. iTest DNA will compare the DNA on these samples for paternity. Test results are not legally admissible. Results are available by email, text and US mail in 5-6 business days. Total cost $350. Confidentially guaranteed.

iTest DNA can test grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles too. Collect a secret test sample and submit that sample for relationship comparison. Fees vary based on number of samples submitted and which relationships are being tested. Results are derived by email, text and if requested, US Mail. Testing time is 5-7 business days. Cost varies.

Secret DNA is a Home Test

Complete the test in these easy steps
  1. Pay online, download or request an email with complete instructions to pay by money order.
  2. Collect and securely package your Secret DNA and swab samples. Most samples must be stored and shipped in PAPER not plastic.
  3. Ship your samples to iTest DNA. You may drop your samples off at our Phoenix location.
  4. All paternity tests include 2 secret DNA samples run together or in succession depending on your unique circumstances.
  5. Our laboratory will process your DNA samples at 24 genetic markers. More Markers = More Accurate Results.
  6. Receive your results in just 5-6 business days by text, email and if requested US mail.
  7. Rush testing, 2-3 days available for a minimal fee.

Which DNA Test?

Which DNA samples?

Viability is how likely a DNA sample is to provide a usable profile for testing. In rare cases when dealing with less than favorable samples we may not be able to complete testing. These rare instances make up about 5% or all tests. All samples are 99% accurate. Viability rates for our most popular sample types are listed above. iTest DNA is happy to offer testing of samples not listed. Please contact us to discuss your unique sample types.

Why choose iTestDNA? $350

The majority of all Secret DNA samples produce full DNA profiles for testing. Some laboratories require a viability step. This delays results and is necessary due to the antiquated systems used in testing. By skipping the viability step you’ll get your results faster, and save money.

Common Questions


Can I get a DNA Test without the father knowing?


Yes, follow the instructions on this page to get the test.


Are the results accurate?


Yes, our results are more accurate than a standard test. We us a 24 marker system assuring 99.999% accuracy and higher.


I want to get started today, can I?


Yes! Simply click the button below to get started right now.


Are your tests confidential?


Yes, you are protected by our strict privacy policy. No one may access your DNA test information without your consent.

Guaranteed DNA Testing

Feature 1

DNA Test Guarantee

We guarantee our DNA testing results are 100% accurate or we will offer a refund. A written guarantee of testing is listed within our Privacy Promise. We provide identity verification for all tests collected by our AABB certified collectors for legal purposes.

Feature 2


Recieve a DNA test kit by mail or courier in as little as 1 day. Located in Phoenix? Pickup a test kit today. Testing options include Private Paternity, Legal Paternity, Sibling DNA, Grandparent DNA, Civil Forensics, Secret DNA, Ancestry and Ethnicity. + more.

Feature 3

Accurate DNA Testing

DNA testing is the most accurate method for determining biological relationship such as paternity. When a 100% accurate DNA profile is obtained from the tested parties an outcome of 99% for inclusions and 0% inclusions are a YES and NO result respectively.

Feature 4

Choose iTest DNA

iTest DNA is an industry leader in Paternity DNA Testing. Our laboratories are fully accredited and certified by the AABB, ANAB, ASCLD, CAP, CLIA, and more. Our DNA case management team are AABB and NADCM certified. Our committment is to accurate and affordable DNA Results You Can Trust.