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Which testing option is best for you?

DNA paternity testing involves testing a child against a man (called the alleged father). However, DNA tests can be conducted without the mother. DNA samples are collected from the mother, child and father and DNA profiles are generated. The DNA profiles are then compared. If the tested man is the biological father the DNA test result is 99.9% or greater and the DNA test is reported as an inclusion. If the tested man is NOT the biological father the probability of paternity is 0% and the DNA test is reported as an exclusion.

DNA testing is reported as:

Legal Test Private Test
Legal DNA Tests are Court admissible Private DNA Tests are not admissible in court
A legal DNA test is processed by an AABB accredited lab. A private DNA test result is NOT admissible in a court of law or by any government agency. Private DNA testing paperwork and collection procedures are less complex than legal DNA testing.
Legal DNA testing requires specific paperwork and collection procedures. To buy a legal DNA test in Arizona click on the button above. iTest DNA does not suggest that a private DNA test be used in cases where the tested children are under the age of 18. We have found a very high instance of repeat DNA testing occurs in such cases.
A legal DNA test result is admissible in a court of law or by a government agency such as your state's family services agency or the Social Security Administration. Private DNA testing is less expensive. In a legal test a collector is paid to fill out legal paperwork, collect samples and verify the identities of the participants. In a private DNA test legal paperwork and identity verification is not necessary.
Sample collectors may not have an interest in the outcome of the DNA test. Collections are performed at a clinic or alternatively for added privacy, a certified collector can come to your home and collect your DNA samples. Samples do not follow a chain of custody. The participants have access to the samples at any time.
Sample collection involves verifying the identities of the persons being tested using government issued photo ID or certifications of identity such as birth certificates. Why are some private DNA tests only $99? Some DNA laboratories are NOT accredited. Accreditation ensures that the samples are handled to the strictest standards.
Sample collectors act as a legal custodians to the samples, ensuring that DNA samples are not tampered with. The test participants cannot have access to the samples. Many DNA labs cut corners when processing private samples. Cutting corners leads to inaccurate test results.

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