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If mother cannot participate we can perform the test at no additional charge. In order to confirm accuracy we’ll do a more com-plex test, again at no additional charge.
Every child will match their mother at 1/2 of their DNA. If we use the mother in the test we are able to determine which pieces of the DNA must come from the father. We decrease the number of pieces we must compare by half.

We offer several methods to do a Paternity test when the father is not available. The first method is to test a relative. A child’s al-leged aunt, uncle, sibling or grandparent can be tested.

We also offer Secret DNA Testing. Learn more about Secret DNA Testing.

Yes. A related alleged father test is more complex than a standard paternity test. Please make your DNA Case Manager aware of this before your test begins.

You’ll need to choose a DNA Test and obtain collection supplies. iTest DNA will provide sample collection kits at no additional fee. ID is required for legal testing services. Results are processed in 1-2 business days. Non Standard samples and relationships such as sibling analysis will increase testing time.

Paternity and additional forms of DNA testing can be performed without a court order. We can even offer a legal document without the court’s intervention.

In the State of NY a doctor, court or attorney must order the test.

As a private company we do not share any information with private agencies, nor do we share information with government agencies. Your Personal Health Information is protected under the federal law, HIPPA.

Price and Payment

Our DNA tests range in price from $100 to $400+. The price varies by test. If you have questions about pricing please call a Case Manager at 623-594-1605.

We recommend financing your test via PayPal. Please call and we can guide you through the application process.

We accept, credit - debit - cashiers checks - money orders - cash - and offer financing on approval.

Paternity and other relationship DNA Tests are considered information identification testing. They are not medically necessary and therefore not covered by insurance.

Sample Collection

We are located in Phoenix AZ. Our address is 18444 N 25th Ave Ste 420 Phoenix AZ 85023.

Testing kits can be mailed to multiple parties. Additional shipping fees will apply. Upon ordering ensure that all addresses are made available.

The iTest DNA standard sample is buccal / cheek swabs. This painless easy method collects a small amount of skin from the inside of the patient’s mouth. We also offer blood blotting. Other samples such as coroner’s or medical samples can also be tested.

If the participant is not available for testing you may want to consider a relationship DNA test or a Secret DNA Test.

Yes! Schedule your DNA appointment NOW! 623-594-1605 or pickup and drop off a kit at one of Phoenix locations. Please call ahead to reserve your kit.

Testing supplies include swabs, envelopes and forms. Forms may be printed and must be shipped with samples. Consent for testing is required. If you are doing a legal test ID for children and adults is recommended (but not required in all cases, for example in the case of a newborn child, ID may not be available. Contact your DNA Test case manager at 623-594- 1605 for a complete list of required DNA documents pertaining to your unique case.

We allow testing of newborns. It is recommended that clients wait 12 hours post birth before collecting swabs.

Blood and Saliva tests are equally accurate. Some clients feel more comfortable with blood testing. We offer blood blot DNA tests for a small additional collection fee.

We test the skin cells that are found within your saliva. This painless collection method is convenient and easy.

*Your skin is collected from the inside of your mouth, the saliva in your mouth helps your skin stick to dry cotton swabs that are used during collection. DNA is extracted from your skin cells and the test is performed on DNA, not on saliva.


iTest DNA test result reporting times are on average 1-2 days. Our tests are fast, accurate and guaranteed.

*Please note that due to the nature of testing our turn around times are not guaranteed.

Results are released by 3 methods. Email - text - US mail. You may request a DNA Test report be sent by other courier such as FedEx or UPS.

DNA Results are complex. Our DNA Test case managers are educated in results interpretation.

A 99% DNA Test result is a YES. You are the father.

A 0% DNA results is a NO. You are not the father

The AABB is the American Association of Blood Banks. They originated as a means of standardizing the acts of donating and storing blood. Before DNA testing, paternity was determined by comparing blood components. Hence the AABB is the group who oversees relationship testing labs.

Other Questions

DNA Testing for the purpose of a relationship is a comparison between two or more people’s DNA.

Our DNA Tests are guaranteed 99.99% accurate or higher. Often they reach numbers close to 1 in a trillion. Accuracy is Guaranteed.