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Often times the alleged father refuses to cooperate in DNA testing, or the child in question is older, and you don't want them to know that their paternity is in question. Secret DNA testing can help.

Secret DNA testing can NOT be legal

Secret DNA testing involves obtaining an item, such as a toothbrush and using it instead of a buccal swab.

Option 1.
An item from the alleged father, is obtained in secret and this item is tested for DNA. A swab is submitted for the child.

Option 2.
An item used by the child is obtained in secret and this item is submitted for DNA testing. A swab is submitted for the father.

Option 3.
A secret item is submitted for both the child and the alleged father.
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Which DNA test? Legal or Private?

About Private DNA Testing
Private DNA results are for informational purposes ONLY and cannot be used in a court of law.

About Legal DNA Testing
Legal DNA results are admissible in a court of law or by a government agency such as child support enforcement or the social security administration. Legal DNA results are often used to settle inheritance disputes.
iTest DNA wants you to know that while we will make every effort to ensure results, not all items have sufficient DNA on them to produce full DNA profiles. Without a full DNA profile, comparison may be impossible.

The lab, iTest DNA and you CANNOT prove that any secret item came from anyone, hence your results are not legal proof of kinship. If you need legal proof we suggest you consider other testing options. See our Testing Options page for more information.

To help you decide which DNA test is best for you, please call iTest DNA to discuss your case.

Our experience in DNA testing is the best in the industry. The iTest DNA mission is to sell you the best DNA test the first time.
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